Travel. Jaipur. India. South Asia.

A unique experience that will be forever engraved in my mind.

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur (Image by Luisa Chekrygin)

The perennial, evergreen beauty turned into many shades of yellow and blue

On our way back from Spokane, WA (Image by Luisa Chekrygin)

Our journey began badly; it turned tragic and it continued offbeat. Then I heard the sound of music

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world (Image by Illya Chekrygin)

Travel. Rome. Italy. Southern Europe.

Visiting this impressive Italian city in August was a mistake I would gladly make twice

View from the Altare della Patria or Vittoriano — Rome, Italy (Image by Luisa Chekrygin)


Active volcanoes embellish this lovely city

The construction of the imposing Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa began in 1544, and it has been repaired multiple times due to earthquakes. (Image by Luisa Chekrygin)

Gladwell’s compelling case studies will keep you reading

Image by Luisa Chekrygin

Peru is a South American gem — a must-visit for many reasons

(Image by Illya Chekrygin — my husband)


It indulged and changed my palate forever — and it all began at Cerveceria Cervantes

Cerveceria Cervantes — Madrid (Image by Luisa Chekrygin)

With a tagline like ‘How White Feminism Betrays Women of Color,’ what else can you expect?

(Image by Luisa Chekrygin)

Luisa Chekrygin

Economist | Philanthropy work | Travel writer | Empirical photographer | Animal lover | Book enthusiastic | I read your entire article & appreciate your work!

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