Mystic but chaotic, colorful but grey, friendly but irreverent

(Image by Luisa Chekrygin)

We landed in Delhi at night when the city was asleep and quiet. A couple of videos of Delhi we had watched before our trip, reassured us that a different city was awaiting us in the morning.

The anticipated morning came, and the city welcomed us with a cacophony of noise. When Delhi is awake, the city roars thunderously. Drivers’ hands are glued to car horns, pedestrians, dogs, pigeons — that seem to walk more than fly — and even a couple of elephants compete for the right to pass or cross a street.

Magical, colorful, beautiful—UNESCO World Heritage Site

San Miguel Arcangel’s cathedral (Image: author)

One morning as I was setting up to begin my workday, I turned my computer on, and I saw San Miguel de Allende for the first time. The city was being featured on the MS Bing homepage. If you are familiar with Bing, you know that every day, it features a photo of a city, event, or animals.

I was immediately intrigued when I saw the photo of San Miguel de Allende. The city did not look like the beautiful, but different, Mexico that I knew. My family and I have visited Mexico many times. How is it that I…


It indulged and changed my palate forever — and it all began at Cerveceria Cervantes

Cerveceria Cervantes — Madrid (Image by Luisa Chekrygin)

It all began on the same day we arrived in Madrid. When we were ready for our first official meal and excursion out in the city, we asked for restaurant recommendations at the hotel. After reviewing a list of international options, the concierge told us about Cerveceria Cervantes, a locals’ favorite: It was an easy decision.

Cerveceria Cervantes (Brewery Cervantes) was a fantastic, authentic first impression of Spanish culinary art. Spanish cuisine is a seductive complement to your visit. It might even be the reason to visit again.

With a tagline like ‘How White Feminism Betrays Women of Color,’ what else can you expect?

(Image by Luisa Chekrygin)

To say that this book is filled with heartbreaking and eye-opening information is an understatement.

Ruby Hamal is an Australian journalist and writer of White Tears/Brown Scars. Since its publication, Hamal’s book has caused a scramble of feelings for readersfrom commendations for exposing global racial stories and tragedies in history, mainly revealing white women’s complicity to subjugate women of colorto condemnation for deconstructing white womanhood.

I had not heard about Hamal’s book until it was chosen by my book club. One of the book club organizers contacted Ruby Hamal, and a couple of weeks later, we were privileged…


My 8 top coffee shops and more

(Image by Luisa Chekrygin)

My transition from tea or a small mug of coffee to a 12-ounce mug of coffee(s) every day was smooth and discreet. I didn’t even notice it.

I realized I had been enchanted by Seattle’s coffee culture when I began telling my husband right before going to bed that I could not wait to have my delicious morning coffee. Is that addiction, or is it just the allure of its texture and flavor? By the way, I only drink two cups of coffee a day: a regular in the morning and a decaf or half-caff around noon.

I know some…

Travel. Washington. USA.

One of the most beautiful cities in the U.S. — How locals and visitors enjoy each season.

(Image by the author)

There is simply one reason to visit and love Seattle, the Emerald City: its nature. You might even end up staying.

Beautiful Colors — And a Stream of Things to Do

The Seattle area has it all: scenic parks throughout the four seasons, beautiful snow-capped mountain ranges, lakes, nearby islands, and urban forests.

Let’s start with summer: summer is an outburst of greens and glowing water! The Seattle area is a year-round evergreen Eden, but the richness of the green palette goes to extremes in the summer!

Focus on the good stuff

Jessi is the sweetest, brightest, and well-disposed girl ever (image: author)

I am among the few lucky ones that have not been markedly affected by the repercussions of COVID-19. My organization transitioned all its employees to work from home early in March 2020; my husband’s company followed a couple of weeks later. Then, our son began online education in April 2020. The stay-at-home situation started as an opportunity for the family to spend more time together. However, as months passed, work remained steadily busy. …

It goes beyond her paintings and feminist influence

One of Kahlo’s last portraits, “Marxism Will Give Health to the Ill” (1954) — Photo of the painting taken by the author at the Blue House.

Frida Kahlo is well-known for her self-portraits, romance with Diego Rivera, socialist alienation, feminist influence, and Mexican nationalism, but how was she able to become who she was with such a wounded body and soul? Her fortitude and perseverance are praiseworthy — to me, that is the main reason to admire her.

“At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.”
Frida Kahlo

The Blue House

A visit to Frida Kahlo’s Blue House in Mexico City shifted my perception of Kahlo to focus on one of the most important aspects of her life — her…

5 things I will never forget

(Image: author)

Think about a beautiful medieval postcard — now, imagine you are in it, walking among 12th-century walls and down picturesque cobblestone streets. It is a hot, breezy summer day. All of a sudden, you feel invigorated, curious to know everything. I remember telling my husband as we were taking our first steps into town, “I wish walls could talk. What a charming town!”

Siena is a beautiful, hilly town located in the central part of Tuscany, Italy, about one hour away by car or bus from Florence. …

“How about if I sleep a little bit longer and forget all this nonsense.” ―Franz Kafka

Image by QuotesGram

Franz Kafka was a German-speaking novelist and short-story writer from Prague, the capital of the former Kingdom of Bohemia, now the Czech Republic. Kafka is widely known as one of the significant figures of 20th-century literature, and The Metamorphosis (1915) is one of his most acclaimed books.

One day, after a conversation about Kafka’s books with a school friend, I decided I needed to purchase this book. Coincidently, organizing my husband’s nightstand the next day, I found The Metamorphosis at the bottom of a small pile of books: the book had been right under my nose for who knows how…

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